With MUI principles as our guide, MUI Detroit offers an atmosphere rich in discovery and experiences that cultivate the development of each child’s academic and creative potential. A positive self-concept, independence, concentration, and self-motivation are encouraged in classrooms filled with beautiful, hands-on materials.  The importance of communication and identifying positive ways of solving problems are daily lessons at MUI.  Caring for the classroom environment and taking pride in its beauty give the children a sense of ownership and responsibility.

 A close working relationship between teachers and parents ensures a successful learning experience for each child. The school strives to educate the parents of children attending MUI Detroit so that they may understand our philosophy and share these four goals:

  • To help each child make the most of the childhood years and find a special path toward personal happiness

  • To develop a solid academic foundation and desire for lifelong learning

  • To encourage independent decision making

  • To support on-going participation as an integral member of our local and world communities.


 Class Size

  • Current class sizes in the lower division range from 10-15 students.  Our upper division homerooms contain 15-20 students. Students are split into smaller groupings throughout the day for core classes.

  • All grades work in small groups.  Kindergarten through 4th grade benefit from teachers’ aides.


  • All students are required to wear uniforms which may be purchased through MUI Detroit, or appointed vendor. Other uniform wear and official school sweatshirts and fleece wear are also available here at school.


  • MUI Detroit admits students of any religion, race, color, racial and ethnic origin.

  • All students are required to participate in religious instructions and attend Islamic Studies with their class when scheduled. We ask non-Muslims to be respectful during any Islamic service.